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3D Printer XL Tower Full Kit

This 3D Printer have 6 x 6 x 6 Inches build volume and you can build it without any Printed Parts, Laser cutting needed
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3D Printer XL Tower

Main Materials: PlyWood Black
Main Color: Black
Working Area: 15x15x15

Acrylic & Plywood Frame Kit
1 Wooden Body Plywood 6mm Black 4000cm² + 60 Minute Laser Cutting

1 Acrylic Parts 6mm Transparent 180cm² + 10 Minute Laser Cutting

Screws and Nut
4 21.5cm Linear Rod (Stainless Steel) 8mm
2 34cm Linear Rod (Stainless Steel) 8mm
1 Springs
1 T8 Lead Screw 8mm 2mm Pitch
1 Brass Nut For Lead Screw
42 Iron Nut 3mm
29 M3x10mm Screws
48 M3x15mm Screws
4 M4x15mm Screws
4 Washer 4mm
4 Iron Nut 4mm
5 M3 Copper Spacer 15mm F/M
2 M3 Copper Spacer 30mm F/M

Pulley and Belt
2 GT2 20 Tooth 5mm Bore Timing Belt Pulley
1 Meter Rubber Timing Belt Width 6mm for 3D Printer
1 Black Braided Cable Sleeve 1.5 Cm X 100cm (1/2" X 100cm)

12 LM8UU 8mm 8x15x24mm Linear Ball Bearing Bush Bushing

4 624z bearing
1 Stepper Motor Flexible Coupling 5x8mm

1 Ramps 1.4

1 Arduino Mega 2560
4 Stepper Motor Driver A4988 Module (Optional)
4 DRV-8825 Stepper Motor Driver (Optional)
1 LCD 20x4 with SD Card
3 Limit Switch (MS.2 - 19.5 x 10.0 x 6.0 mm)

1 Arduino USB Cable
1 Power Cable
4 4PIN To 6PIN 1m Long Cable For Nema 17 Motor

Motor Kit
4 New Nema 17 Motors (Optional)

4 Nema 17 Used Motors (Optional)

1 E3D V6 Long distance J-head Hotend with Cooling Fan, Heater, Thermistor, Nozzle 0.4mm and Fan Duct Built-in For 1.75mm Filament

1 Remote Extruder For 1.75mm Filament
1 meter 3D Printer Teflon Tube For Remote Extrude Guide 2x4

Power Supply
1 SMPS Power supply 12V

Control Box
1 Small Wooden Control Box Kit For 3D Printer

Special Spool holder
2 Filament Green Roll For Spool