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PLA+ & PLA & PLA Luminous & PLA Glass

PLA+ Filament eSUN - All Colors

$28.08 $22.00

eSUN PLA+ filament is modified based on PLA+ material, easy to print. In addition, PLA+ improves the toughness and layer adherence.

PLA Filament eSUN - All Colors

$28.08 $22.00

PLA is an environment-friendly material. PLA 3D printer filament is easy to print and the printed model has smooth surface. Compared with ABS filament, eSUN PLA filament has higher rigidity and strength similar to PC, and does not need to close the cavity; Our best PLA filament has low shrinkage rate, no warping, no cracking, and can print large size model.

PLA Luminous Filament eSUN - All Colors

$28.08 $22.00

PLA Luminous Filament is modified based on PLA material, in addition it has gorgeous luminous appearance effect.

PLA Glass Filament eSUN - All Colors

$28.08 $22.00

Achieve Glass-Like Clarity with eSUN PLA Glass 1Kg Spool 3D Printing Filament! This premium filament is specifically formulated to provide a translucent glass-like appearance to your prints, making them look stunning and visually appealing. With its easy-to-print properties, including minimal warping and excellent bed adhesion, you’ll enjoy a seamless printing experience and produce high-quality, professional-looking prints effortlessly.

PLA+ Filament Maxwell - All Colors

$22.00 $19.00

PLA+ Filament Maxwell is a high-quality 3D printing filament that offers superior strength, toughness and thermal stability than ordinary PLA. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and suitable for complex models.