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1 Meter Egyptian local T-track

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  • When building sleds or fixtures, workshop tables, router table tops or any type of jig or fixture that helps hold stock in place or helps feeding stock through a cutter, miter t track will help make it so much easier. Miter T Track does this by allowing devices like miter gauges to effortlessly slide through the track for cutting applications and it can also accept fixtures with the proper hardware like featherboards to keep your stock firmly against a fence.
  • The Miter T Track has a “T” shape to it so that it can accept the discs on the ends of many miter gauges. This essentially means that your ¾” x 3/8” bar on your miter gauge will fit neatly into this track even with the disc on the end. Of course you don’t have to have a bar with the disc on the end. Wether you’re making a table top for your router, your band saw or simply building a sled, a standard ¾” x 3/8” thick bar will do the trick!
  • The “T” shape on the Miter Track also accepts the T-bar. The T-bar has been designed to fit neatly into the miter track profile for use with jigs, fixtures or sleds. The T-bar is made from a solid piece of extruded aluminum and can be cut into sections and drilled as needed. Typical uses for the T-bar are fixtures like featherboards where the featherboard needs to be kept stationary to apply consistent pressure. The T-bar also works great for sleds and other sliding fixtures.
  • Miter T Track is often used in woodworking applications but can be used most anywhere throughout a workshop setting. It is the ideal solution for router tables in need of a miter slot for miter gauges. The ¾” wide slot accommodates most miter gauges which makes it super handy for any workshop. Many woodworkers and professionals alike build jigs or sleds with UHMW bars on the bottom that fit right into this miter track.
  • When we decided to start manufacturing aluminum tracks many years ago (well over 20 years), we thought that it was very important to do our best to keep the manufacturing process here in the United States. We are proud to say that even after 20 years, we manufacture all of our anodized aluminum track (including this Miter T Track) here in the USA. This helps our customers know that not only are they supporting the economy, but also receiving a high quality product.
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