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J3018 PCB & CNC Machine

PCB milling has advantages for both prototyping and some special PCB designs. Probably the biggest benefit is that one doesn't have to use chemicals to produce PCBs. When creating a prototype, outsourcing a board takes time. Alternative is to make a PCB in-house. Using the wet process, in-house production presents problems with chemicals and disposing thereof. High-resolution boards using the wet process are hard to achieve and still, when done, one still has to drill and eventually cut out the PCB from the base material. CNC machine prototyping can provide a fast-turnaround board production process without the need for wet processing. If a CNC machine is already used for drilling, this single machine could carry out both parts of the process, drilling and milling. A CNC machine is used to process drilling, milling and cutting.
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Download 3018 Assembly File PDF Click Here

Main Materials:
 Aluminum & Black Plywood 12mm

Main Color: Black
Working Area: 30x18


Aluminum & Plywood Frame Kit
2 V-Slot 20x20 Linear Rail (38cm)
2 V-Slot 20x40 Linear Rail (30cm)
32 M5x15mm High Tensile Socket Head Screws
12 M5x20mm High Tensile Socket Head Cap Screws
50 Washer 5mm
4 M4x20 High Tensile Socket Head Cap Screws
4 M3x25 High Tensile Socket Head Cap Screws
8 M3x15 High Tensile Socket Head Cap Screws
1 Wooden Body Plywood 12mm Black 400cm² + 30min Laser

Bearing & Motion System
2 F608  For Z Axis  
1 F608 For Y Axis
1 F608 For X Axis
12 Lm8uu Bearing 8mm
3 Rigid Coupler 5mm To 8mm
2 Linear Rod 8mm 420mm For X Axis
1 T8 Lead Screw 8mm 410mm For X Axis
2 Linear Rod 8mm 330mm For Y Axis
1 T8 Lead Screw 8mm 320mm For Y Axis
2 Linear Rod 8mm 90mm For Z Axis
1 T8 Lead Screw 8mm 80mm For Y Axis
1 X Axis Gantry & Spindle Printed Part (200g)
3 Lock Collar

1 Arduino Mega 2560 (Optional)
1 Arduino UNO (Optional)

1 Ramps 1.4 (Optional)
1 CNC Shield (Optional)

3 A4988 – Stepper Motor Driver (Optional)
3 DRV-8825 Stepper Motor Driver (Optional)
1 LCD 20×4 with SD Card interface (Optional)

2 Limit Switch (MS.2 - 19.5 x 10.0 x 6.0 mm)
1 Limit Switch (Roller Lever)
1 Emergency Stop Button
1 Relay Module 1 Channel
1 AC Power Connector With On/Off Switch - Panel Mound

3 Nema 17 Used motors (Optional)
3 Nema 17 New motors (Optional)
1 DC Motor 775 12v
1 ER11 A - 5mm Drill Chucks

Power Supply
1 Wall Adapter 12v (Optional) 

1 12Vdc/30A Power supply (Optional)

Control Box 
1 Plywood control box

1 Arduino USB Cable
3 4PIN To 6PIN 1m Long Cable For Nema 17 Motor
1 Power Cable


1 Aluminum Extrusion Profile 15x180 - 30 CM

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