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3D Printer Graber i3 Wooden Frame Kit

The Graber i3's design is uniquely suited towards building it with a laser cutter or even a simple CNC cutting machine, such as the Shapeoko. It derives from the original Prusa i3 design, and replaces all 3D-printed parts for completely wooden ones. Build volume: 200 x 200 x 200 mm Material: MDF Wood

J3030 CR-10 Style Mechanical kit

Juthour 3D printer mechanical Kit help you to build a 3D printer that can giving you a 30x30x40 working area. Kit contents all mechanical parts that you need to build you 3D printer without motors or electronics.
$210.00 $186.00

C-Beam Linear Rail 1000mm

C-Beam® Linear Rail C-Beam Linear Rail is the ultimate solution combining both linear motion and a modular, structural framing system. It's lightweight yet rigid and provides an ultra smooth track for precise motion. OpenBuilds created C-Beam Linear Rail and has added a library of compatible modular Parts which today is known as the OpenBuilds System. We have shipped over a million feet of V-Slot/C-Beam and counting to businesses, classrooms, laboratories and makers all over the world! Much like working with lumber, you can cut C-Beam on a chop saw (using a metal blade) or even use a hacksaw. From there, you simply use a screw driver to make the connections.
$25.20 $21.60

Control Board Ramps 1.6 for 3D Printer

RAMPS 1.6 interface board with new, more powerful SMT MOSFET drivers Improved heat dissipation with new heat sink,the PCB has a built-in selection terminal for driving the SPI working mode, and is compatible with STEP/DIR and SPI modes The power supply and hot bed use 30A high-current terminal block, to avoid the situation of burning terminals to a greater extent Added a reset expansion interface, convenient for users to extend the reset button, X, Y, Z, E0, E1 all use parallel dual motor interface, so that the board is suitable for more models Design of plate pin socket can be easily replaced or removed for future design, Changed the silk screen, making the wiring clear at a glance. Using a combination of colored pin headers and mothers, effectively distinguishing each functional interface, both beautiful and practical
$13.80 $10.80

End Mill 2 Flutes Ballnose 6mm

Carbide CNC Router Bits Two Flutes Spiral End Mills Double Flutes Milling Cutter Spiral PVC Cutter 6mm x 52mm Model Number : 6X52 Diameter : 6MM Type : End Mill Material : Carbide Overall Length : 80MM Coating : NO

End Mill 2 Flutes Taper Ballnose 8mm

Carbide CNC Router Bits Two Flutes Spiral End Mills Double Flutes Milling Cutter Spiral PVC Cutter 8mm x 90mm

J3030 PCB Machine Full Kit

PCB milling has advantages for both prototyping and some special PCB designs. Probably the biggest benefit is that one doesn't have to use chemicals to produce PCBs. When creating a prototype, outsourcing a board takes time. Alternative is to make a PCB in-house. Using the wet process, in-house production presents problems with chemicals and disposing thereof. High-resolution boards using the wet process are hard to achieve and still, when done, one still has to drill and eventually cut out the PCB from the base material. CNC machine prototyping can provide a fast-turnaround board production process without the need for wet processing. If a CNC machine is already used for drilling, this single machine could carry out both parts of the process, drilling and milling. A CNC machine is used to process drilling, milling and cutting. Many boards that are simple for milling would be very difficult to process by wet etching and manual drilling afterward in a laboratory environment without using top of the line systems that usually cost multiple times more than CNC milling machines. In mass production, milling is unlikely to replace etching although the use of CNC is already standard practice for drilling the boards.
$498.00 $419.94