3D Printer Wiring

One of the most important things about your 3D Printer is the Wiring. If the gauge is too small you won’t get enough current to your parts and can even have a disaster on your hands. Too large of a gauge and you might have a problem fitting those crimped terminals into the connectors. So, the first thing to look for in a wire type is a suitable wire.The reason being your printer will create thousands of cycled movements and if your wire is a solid it will be susceptible to break over the duration of repeated abuse. The stranded wire allows for the cable to flex and move without breaking over time.

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1M 15A HeatBed High Power Output Cable For 3D Printer

Brand : Other Type : Cables Compatible with : Electronic Accessories
$2.40 $1.80

6mm Spiral Wrapping bundle cable ties black

The use of spiral hose guard is an economical and convenient method of protecting and extending the life of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, cables, wires and rope from premature wear. Spiral hose guard willwithstand the extremes of climate and operating conditions. Spiral Guard Wrap protects against abrasion, cuts, crushing, UV and various hazards Spiral Guard Wrap’s open spiral design allows for simple installation in the field, without the need to disconnect lines.
$3.00 $2.10


Brand : Other Compatible with : Multi Type : Cables
$3.00 $1.50

Extension Sensors Cable 70cm

Brand : Other Type : Cables Compatible with : Electronic Accessories

Gt2 6mm Closed Loop Timing Belt 2Gt-6 400mm Rubber Synchronous Belt

Type : Closed-loop timing belt Model number : 400-2GT-6 GT2 pitch : 2mm Belt height : 1.52mm Tooth height : 0.76mm Teeth quantity : 200 Width : 6mm Material : Neoprene rubber with fiberglass core

GT2 Timing Belt Annular Loop Rubber 6mm Width 2mm Pitch Close End 150-2GT Black

Color: Black Product Dimensions: 6X6X1 SKU (config): GE810EL17RU8CNAFAMZ

Plastic Towline Cable Drag Chain 7x7 1 Meter

Open on both side, move flexibly, low noise, easy installation. Suitable for using in reciprocating motion of the occasion, is able to built in cable, tubing, water pipes, etc. Used widely as a component and sevice parts in CNC machine tools,3D printers, electronic equipment, counting devices, machinery and electrical machines ,etc INTERNAL SIZE : 7X7MM EXTERNAL SIZE :10 X14MM TOTAL LENGTH : 1M 1000MM COLOR : BLACK WEIGHT : 0.09KGS PACKAGE CONTENT : 1 X CABLE DRAG CHAIN
$8.10 $7.50